The Iron Stable:

Never Say Never – December 11, 2022

Tom on R1800

Well, it has been a month since I sold off both the K1600GT and the R1800, saying that I was quitting motorcycles for good …

And that was probably a wise decision, given my age, my sense of balance, and the state of my reflexes …

But I still yearn to be out in the air on a twisting road, gauging the corners, watching the lean angle, and feeling the bike shift under me. And my reflexes were good enough that last time to stop the big K-bike now! when I had to avoid hitting a car, a situation that was brought on by a momentary lapse in judgment. But judgment is a teachable thing and something I have always had, being naturally cautious as a cat and respecting my margins when on a motorcycle. I can do better.

So … I recently decided to buy the R1800 back from the dealer. It’s still a beast, a brute of a motor that pulls like a tractor, but an elegant machine, and the most fun I have had riding in a long time.

Living in fear is for sissies.

Never say never.